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Introducing Behaev

A revolutionary smartphone based car insurance solution designed to help insurers delight policyholders.

Behaev is a connected car insurance program designed for today’s smartphone savvy drivers. Anyone can download the Behaev app and instantly begin earning Behaev coins from every safe trip they drive. Behaev coins can be redeemed for gift cards from our many partnering sponsors. Drivers can use Behaev to instantly get insurance quotes from multiple insurers, purchase and bind to a policy, right from their mobile phone. 

Quick & Easy Onboarding

Creating an account is quick and easy. By providing a few key pieces of information like your age, gender, make/model/year of your vehicle, you’ll be well on your way to saving on your car insurance premium and getting rewards for safe driving.


Usage-Based Pricing

Behaev supports the two most popular forms of Usage-Based Insurance:

  • Pay-How-You-Drive (PHYD): Rebate based pricing providing discounts to customers who have 'traditional' policies if they drive safe.
  • Pay-As-You-Drive (PAYD): Distance based pricing involving a low monthly fee, plus a cost per km driven.  

Behaev Score & Leaderboard

With every safe trip completed, mission accomplished and badges rewarded, drivers earn Behaev coins and compete for top rank on the leaderboard. The Behave leaderboard will show you how you rank against your friends and drivers within the Behaev community.

Mobile Rewards

Rewards Store

You’ve earned all those Behaev coins, now it’s time to treat yourself! Visit the rewards store and redeem your coins for awesome gifts and prizes from some of our amazing sponsors.

Mobile Insurance

The Behaev dashboard shows you an overview of your account; including driving scores, trips, missions, badges and all details of your insurance policy. From the app you’ll be able to view your invoices, policy details, call for assistance in case of an accident and even process claims.


Go Mobile & Get Deep Discounts on Your Car Insurance


Know Actual Risk & Price Each Customer Fairly


Reward Safe Drivers on the First Platform of It's Kind

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Smart Insurance for Smart Drivers

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Behaev is a connected car insurance program designed for today’s smartphone savvy drivers. Available on iOS and Android, once you download the Behaev app, you’ll choose from a list of possible insurers, an insurance package that suits your needs and save on your insurance premiums while earning rewards from every safe trip completed.


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