Easily identify and invite your most qualified banking clients to improve their driving skills while earning badges, coins, rewards and other fun experiences from their smartphone.


Provide personalized "no-questions" insurance quotes based on driving patterns, allowing users to purchase either a safe driving or low mileage connected insurance policy.


Let your new policyholders manage claims, renew, earn safe driving prizes, and pay their monthly invoices directly from their banking accounts with you.

Bank insurance built for smartphones

Because regular car insurance just doesn't fit on a 7'' screen


Be ready to launch in weeks.

Show your clients how well you can serve their insurance needs, far better and more conveniently than their traditional insurance providers.

  • Behaev is a mobile insurance program built on top of CommandCenter, a full featured Connected Policy Administration System.
  • CommandCenter easily integrates with your existing customer engagement & banking applications with robust and banking grade API’s
  • Together, Behaev and CommandCenter provide a spectacular experience to your customers.

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Reward your clients

Engage your existing banking clients by SMS or e-mail by inviting them to participate in a safe driving recognition program. Let them know that you care for their security, both financially and now personally.


No Question Quotes

Behaev rewards your clients for simply providing basic pricing information when they sign up. Soon after, their premium is automatically calculated with a touch of Artificial Intelligence.


Go beyond banking

Drivers barely think of car insurance for 7 minutes a year. Be there with the protection they need, at the price they should pay, in the palm of their hands when it matters. Warning: conversion rates will be higher than you expect.

There are more questions below than when you'll get a quote. We promise.

Car insurance, now an app too.

Everything is becoming an app, it's just what everyone expects.

For nearly a decade, we've proudly helped the best insurers around the world delight their customers.

Our sales pitch wasn't immune, now only available as an app. Like a car salesperson, we'd rather let you take a TestDrive on your own, so you can see for yourself what we're so passionate about.

Don't worry, we won't ask you for your driver's license while you take a spin, just that you fill out the form on the left.

You're minutes away from enjoying an amazing simulated mobile insurance experience that you can easily offer to all of your banking clients.